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Let's Get Growing

Let’s Get Growing is an event for home gardeners of all skill levels looking to learn more and have a great time.  This event includes classes, a keynote speaker, lunch, silent auction and a chance to win door prizes too.  Classes are taught by U of M Master Gardeners as well as horticulture professionals.

Please join us on Saturday, February 25, 2023 from 8 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. for Let’s Get Growing at the Rosemount Community Center.  Admission is just $40 and includes interesting and informative classes on a wide variety of gardening topics, morning refreshments, silent auction, lunch and a chance to win door prizes too. Come to enjoy friendly people, a garden marketplace where you can peruse and purchase books, garden decor and more (cash and checks only please) and a spring-time atmosphere!  

Review the agenda below or download a PDF of the full agenda with class descriptions and speaker information.

Event Agenda

8:00  Check-In & Refreshments
9:00 Welcome
9:30 Session I (Attend one of five classes)


Gardening A to M

Master Gardener Heidi Pence will include topics both specific and broad in an alphabetical journey (A-M) about Minnesota gardening. Growing tips, tricks and advice about fruits, vegetables, bushes, trees, plant care, insects, diseases will be in her presentation. Heidi will cover topics from the second half of the alphabet in her Session II presentation.

Planting Perennials for All Seasons

Learn more about “Planting Perennials for All Seasons” with Horticulturist and award-winning garden writer Gail Hudson. Consider adding Gail’s all-season, easy-care perennials to your planting palette! As soon as the snow melts, these “ever-green” winners stand out in Minnesota’s brown landscape, ready to bloom for spring. You will hear about some of the new varieties that make these perennials perfect!

Easy to Grow Fruits in Your Minnesota Garden

Are you new to growing fruit, and not sure where to start? Join Annie Klodd, Extension Educator, in her presentation titled “Easy to Grow Fruits in Your Minnesota Garden” to learn more about three fun, low-maintenance fruits you can add to your garden: honeyberry, raspberry, and currants. In this session, you will learn fruit plant selection, how to plan and prepare the space, and how to keep your fruit healthy and bountiful through pruning, trellising and pest management.


Navigating Native Plants

Native plants provide a wide range of benefits and can be easily incorporated to your backyard garden. In his presentation “Navigating Native Plants,” Sam Talbot will draw from his experience restoring habitat in Dakota County Parks to discuss the benefits and challenges associated with planting natives in the landscape. He will highlight some of the tools and resources available, as well as opportunities to gain hands-on experience through volunteer opportunities in Dakota County. Topics will include propagation methods, planning native plantings, and species considerations.

Lawns and Legumes-The Importance of White Clover in Bee Lawns

Bee lawns provide food to a huge variety of pollinators and can be an easy addition to a home landscape! White clover is particularly valuable because not only is it an excellent source of nectar and pollen, but it is also a legume that fixes nitrogen. Kristine Moncada will cover an introduction to bee lawns, the benefits of white clover, other flower options for bee lawns, the latest bee lawn resources, and the newest UMN bee lawn research.

10:30 Break
10:45 Session II (Attend one of five classes)

Gardening N to Z

In the class titled “Gardening: N to Z,” Master Gardener Heidi Pence will continue to speak on topics both specific and broad in an alphabetical journey (N-Z) about Minnesota gardening. She will share growing tips, tricks, and advice about fruits, vegetables, bushes, trees, plant care, insects, diseases and more.

Selecting and Planting Annuals: The Secrets to Success

In the session titled “Selecting and Planting Annuals: The Secrets to Success,” Jean Chrysler and Julie Deane will provide an overview of annual plants and tips for helping them flourish. They will cover plant selection and design for containers, and tips for filling in around perennial gardens for added color. This session will also cover discussion of planting and maintaining annuals to add color and flare to your spaces in multiple ways. They will provide examples of tried-and-true annuals, and examples of how you can use annuals to show off your shady and sunny areas.

E-Z Steps to Sustainable Gardening

From planting to plastics to peat, learn the “how-to’s” of sustainability and eco-friendly gardening in “Gardening for Minnesota’s Future.” Horticulturist and award-winning garden writer Gail Hudson will show us how to make some simple, small changes to grow more sustainably right in your own Minnesota backyard, and slow climate change at the same time. She will talk about the problem with peat, how to become “water-wise,” reasons to reduce the size of your grass lawn, sustainable gardening design and techniques, and how to reduce the use of plastic pots.

Landscaping for Clean Water

In his presentation “Landscaping for Clean Water,” Joe Barten will share information on the Dakota County Landscaping for Clean Water program. This is a partnership program with residents concerned with water quality and wildlife habitat to not only learn about water resource issues, but also to learn what they can do to help fix them. He will share information on the educational workshops held every year on water quality issues that provide solutions such as backyard conservation projects, native gardens, rain gardens, and native shoreline plantings.

Resilient Native Plantings for a Changing Landscape

After three planting seasons of drought, the importance of resilient gardens and landscapes has become apparent. In his presentation, “Resilient Native Plantings for a Changing  Landscape,” Andy Scott will cover native garden basics and highlight how native plants and landscape techniques can address the challenges we face in a shifting climate.

12:00 Lunch
1:00 Keynote Speaker
2:00 Silent Auction Winners

Event Parking and Entrance

Please enter the Rosemount Community Center parking lot off of South Robert Trail, across from 140 Circle W and proceed to the building entrance at the North end of the parking lot.  The check-in area is located just inside the double doors.

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