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Minnesota Arbor Day - April 28, 2023

Mary Gadek, Master Gardener

“He who plants a tree, plants hope.” ~Lucy Larcom

Each year, Arbor Day is celebrated around the world. Each state in the United States sets aside one day each year for its Arbor Day to think about why trees are important to the world and to celebrate them. Minnesota has chosen the last Friday in April for its Arbor Day. Click here to learn why there is an Arbor Day celebration and how to celebrate it with your family.

Minnesota Arbor Day - April 28, 2023

Let’s celebrate our Minnesota trees on Arbor Day, April 28, 2023!

Everywhere you go in Minnesota, you see many trees of different types, sizes and shapes.


Why celebrate Arbor Day?


Arbor Day highlights the power and importance of trees in the World.


Trees help our climate. The bad emissions from things like some vehicles and machinery and land use changes have added too much carbon dioxide into our air. Trees can improve the air by pulling in carbon dioxide and then, in exchange, releasing oxygen back into our air.

Trees benefit our communities. In addition to cleaning our air, trees filter water and slow storm flooding in our neighborhoods. The shade of a tree near a home or building can keep it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter as well as provide a beautiful area for physical activity. Also, trees have been shown to calm stress when doing activities, like resting under a tree or strolling through a forest.


Trees maintain the biodiversity of the environment. “Biodiversity”, or the collection of plants, animals and other creatures in an area, fosters balance among each other that is needed to live, providing food and shelter in an environment. A tree can give shelter on its branches or under its canopy as well as provide seeds and nuts for food to the wildlife around it.



How to celebrate Arbor Day?


Plant a tree. Arbor Day is celebrated by planting a tree or trees to continue the benefits of trees in our world.


Starting as early as February through May, many cities in Dakota County have tree sales, of smaller, bare root trees for economical prices. Perfect for a yard with little to no trees! See links below for some Dakota County tree sales.


Participate in one of the many educational activities. The Arbor Day Foundation’s website has many educational resources, including activity sheets and interactive learning pages, to further your child’s knowledge about trees.


Read about a special tree. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is a picture book for all ages with the main character of a tree giving love and acceptance all of its life.


The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.


Check it out at the Dakota County library. Or purchase on Amazon:


So, help you child plant a tree or take part in one of the many educational activities related to trees. Or, on any old day, just take a walk among the trees and help you child appreciate all that trees do for us.


Dakota County tree sales links: (this is not an exhaustive list; more sales will become available through May; check your local city or township website if it is not listed below):


Photo credits: Mary Gadek (1, 2), Matt Gadek (3), book cover (4)

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