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The Dakota County Seed Library

This month we would like to tell you about the Dakota County Seed Library, located in the Farmington Library. Read on to learn about how this important project contributes to the support of pollinators and sustainable landscaping practices and, most importantly for you, the home gardener, how you can benefit from and contribute to this project.

Lana Tullis with Julie Harris, Master Gardeners

The Dakota County Seed Library

Dakota County Master Gardeners, in partnership with the Dakota County Library Foundation and Dakota County Natural Resources, maintain the seed library.  The Seed Library provides residents and home gardeners with a diverse selection of heirloom and open-pollinated edibles, herbs, flowers and native plant seeds. This free resource is intended to promote the growth of healthy, flavorful food and preserve plant varieties by offering a number of heirloom varieties well suited for our climate but not commonly found in retail centers. These seeds allow you, the home gardener, to protect, preserve and share these valuable seeds. The Seed Library also offers native plant seeds that support pollinators and sustainable landscaping practices.


These heirloom seeds are available to the public at the Farmington Library (508 3rd St., Farmington, MN 55024) while supplies last, beginning in March.  A library card is not required, however, for the enjoyment of all, please consider limiting your selection to 5 packets per visit.  The check out system is easy.  Just select your seed packets, scan the QR code or fill out a checkout sheet and drop into the lockbox located near the seed cabinet.  Each seed packet includes directions for planting and growing that are seed specific.


The Farmington Seed Library was established about 5 years ago and has grown annually with generous donations from local and regional seed suppliers (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange, Albert Lea Select Seeds) along with local gardeners.  Note that you can contribute to the seed library. Heirloom seed donations can be left at the Farmington Library.  Please provide the original supplier packaging with “packaged for dates” of 2021 or later. Harvested, or saved, seeds from your garden may also be shared through our ‘share’ drawer.


Throughout the winter, Master Gardener volunteers sort, label and organize donations for an estimated 3,000 - 4,000 seed packets.  Volunteers also maintain inventory throughout the season, conduct demonstration plantings and are available to support your gardening plan.  Lana Tullis is the project lead and is supported by Becky Peterson, BJ Hansell, Jackie Pospisil, Cynthia Muller, Patty Sutherland and Janet Schutte.


Check out Heirloom and Native seeds at the Farmington Library - automatic renewal and no late fees!


More information can be found at


Photo Credit: Barbara Svoboda, Farmington Library Librarian (1), Valerie Rogotzke (2)

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