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MICRO FOOD Gardening

Intrigued by the idea of growing your greens indoors this winter? Gail Maifeld reviews a book that explains how to practice Micro Food Gardening successfully in your kitchen.

By Jen McGuinness
Reviewed by Gail Maifeld, Master Gardener

MICRO FOOD Gardening

A fascinating introduction to MICRO FOOD Gardening.  This type of gardening is for the tiny space gardener, roof top gardener, or small lot garden which focuses on varieties bred for small spaces. MICRO FOOD Gardening: Plant plans and plants for growing fruits and veggies in tiny spaces includes the usual gardening care info about soil choices, watering, seeds, and the use of fertilizers.

This form of gardening is all about plants that stay compact and are bred to be grown on the kitchen table, windowsill, or window box.  Look for nursery grown plants that specify container gardening.  There is a chapter on repurposing pots, planters and containers in unique ways.  A strawberry pyramid of three cake pans, or reusing an aquarium are suggested. Each example includes a list of supplies and assembly steps.  Many of the projects focus on specific themes such as a salsa garden or a bicycle basket lettuce garden 

Organized with highlighted lists of supplies and many pictures.  An extensive resource list, a table of contents & index result in an easily used book. MICRO FOOD Gardening is an entertaining option for those who live in tiny spaces.

Photo Credit: Book Cover

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