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All New Square Foot Gardening, Third Edition

“All New Square Foot Gardening” is an updated version of square foot gardening principles first introduced 40 years ago. The basic philosophy of this gardening method remains the same but this book demonstrates how the method has been refined and improved. Growing vegetables in your backyard is both possible and fun!

By Mel Bartholomew
Reviewed by Gail Maifeld, Master Gardener

All New Square Foot Gardening, Third Edition

This is an updated version of the tried-and-true Square Foot Gardening principles first introduced in 1981 by Mel Bartholomew.  Bartholomew believed that everyone should be able to enjoy freshly harvested produce, that gardening should be fun, easy to understand and successful.  The method saves land and water and is efficient. The Square Foot Gardening Foundation, started by Bartholomew, hopes this update will encourage new gardeners.

SFG’s philosophy of reducing garbage by composting, less fuel to transport food, eating fresh and more salads, less water usage, no fertilizers, and no plastic waste, will appeal to a new group of gardeners.  This publication includes multiple pictures of square and other shaped gardens followed by tips for attractive vertical gardening for beans, peas, squash, and more.  The book emphasizes planting what you want to eat with a specific number of plants.  Limited planting causes less waste and results in vegetables and salad greens for you to eat.  

The update doesn’t offer major changes to Square Foot Gardening philosophy but the system has been even further refined and improved to fully meet today's changing resources, needs, and challenges. This book should encourage home gardeners to understand that growing vegetables in their backyard is both possible and fun!

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